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Inimex International Lifting Group specializes in design and manufacture customized load handling equipment according to highest quality and safety standards.

for over 30 years, more than thousands of our lifting machines are in service around the world and have been tested for many years and we are proud to have had best results in a variety industries for moving a wide range of industrial loads.

In close cooperation with the customer, specific needs are precisely comprehended and an optimal solution jointly evaluated.

All the handling devices are manufactured mainly to adapt to the needs of severe working or intense handling conditions.Your safety is our top priority.

At the present, Inimex International Lifting Group has developed workshop sites around the world for quicken delivery time and decreasing transit price.

Thank you again for visiting Inimex Lifting and discovering the advantages for our lifting equipment .
we look forward to supplying your below the hook solution.

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Why we are the key of your success ?


Inimex Lifting equipment will perform it,s intended functions continuously for a accurate specified ...


Inimex Lifting equipment plays a competence manner in efficiency in all industrial fields.


Inimex applies the latest technologies and innovations in manufacturing of lifting devices

High quality

Inimex quality control procedure is the only way to ensure the customer about ...


Inimex Lifting equipment safety is the result of perfect quality control procedure.

Long service life

Inimex uses the best applicable material in the world in addition, desired designing ...