Horizontal coil tongs and hook

The Horizontal coils tongs are usually fed by means of an electro-mechanical system.

Horizontal coil can be handled not only by Tongs: A hook may be used.

ELECTRO-MECHANICAL SYSTEM: Tongs operating depends upon a rack mechanism: the pinion is fed by a motorized worm gear box. The rack is integral with the gripping legs. This mechanism allows the tong opening and closing.

This operating is the most requested because it’s easy and workable. This is not the only way to set up our product; every machine is developed and customized by our technical department together with the customer.

They are usually used in hard workplaces marked by burdensome working conditions and hard handling.

They can be used for all industrials applications in every kind of environment. They are usually used in steel works, roll mill plants and harbour.

Characteristics – Tongs that are already working

Maximum load :62ton

Coil finished packaged and rough

Maximum temperature: 800°C

For more info, please ask our technical department.

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