Vertical coil tong

The vertical coil tong could work by means of a mechanical or electro-mechanical system.

MECHANICAL SYSTEM: when the tong is on the coil, the ratchet turns of 90° and the levers open. As soon as the tong starts to raise, the coil is clamped between its inner and outer jaws.

ELECTRO-MECHANICAL SYSTEM: Tongs operating depend upon a rack mechanism: the pinion is fed by a motorized worm gear box. The rack is integral with the gripping legs.
They are usually used in hard workplaces marked by burdensome working conditions and hard handling.

They can be used for all industrials applications in every kind of environment. They are usually used in steel works, roll mill plants and harbour.

Characteristics – Tongs that are already working

Maximum load: 38ton

Coil finished, packaged and rough

Maximum temperature: 600°C

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